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Sunday, October 8

A not-so-subtle marketing campaign?

While I'm blogging pope photos, I just thought I'd point this one out too -

Now, I wonder why the L'Osservatore Romano would have this shot in their online gallery? A bit of a papal plug perhaps? :)

The flowers on the desk are a nice touch though - do you think the Sisters bring him new ones every day? I wish the photo was higher resolution so we could really see exactly what the contents of the Papal Office Space are!

I also like how His Holiness seems to have a random assortment of bookcases, all packed. Reminds me of me. LOL!


  • At 4:11 PM, Anonymous thomps said…

    Unless my eyes deceive me some of those bookcases look a little on the cheap side to me. Just like the ones at my house.

  • At 8:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    In which I discover your blog...

    Alas, for I cannot disclose my name! But you were at Myriam Companions at my household, and you sat next to me in small group. :)

    I'm excited to see all your postings about the Rome program, as I will be taking full advantage next year (for grad work).


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