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Monday, September 11

This is not a Tridentine-rite Mass - this is a proto-Spanish Mass using the Pauline Missal, in a parish with a rich diversity of parishioner origin, celebrated in a way that speaks clearly to our common heritage and roots and draws all together into a stronger community founded on Catholic values.

This modeling of parish worship has worked, as evidenced by full pews and a high number of vocations, with many seminarians largely attributing their recognition of their call as coming from their service on altar servers teams. There are 26 boys on a team, 3 teams that alternate each week. The parish celebrates the ordination of at least one of its sons to the priesthood every single year - and two years ago, it celebrated the ordination of three of them. Likewise, the parish also has a very high number of religious vocations, particularly for women, and of beautiful and holy marriages. This is evidenced by the fact that when you go to Mass there, it is a packed house, a sea of young heads and children with only relatively few "gray heads" scattered about. Compare that scene with the average suburban gym-church scene.

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