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Monday, September 11

Rome reunion time... Already?!

Hello? Anybody out there? Maybe not, I realize it's been quite a while since I spoke to you last. I still haven't gotten up the rest of those photos from Europe, Vienna and my last week in Rome (which seems like a lifetime ago!)... hopefully soon.

In the meantime, don't let this photo fool you -- I've been way busy, with no time for lounging around like these college kids! :) But, this past week has been a wonderful time for all of us "former Romans" - being that it is the start of another school year, all of us who were students in Rome and who go to the University of St. Thomas were at long last able to come together as a group again, after being off on various adventures over the summer. Over Labor Day weekend two of our group's "foreigners", Sierra and Mariana, flew into the Twin Cities to join us all for a real reunion celebration before their school years start elsewhere. And what Rome reunion of ours could be complete without our very own Padre Carola?

We were most blessed this past week to have Fr. C with us too - all the way from Rome (and by way of a lot of other places too... and we thought he was busy during the school year!), and with us for a WHOLE WEEK!! On Labor Day Saturday, however, Fr. C was enjoying the northwoods of MN with some friends of his, and we were left to our own devices. In other words, we sat around in one of the campus apartments with tons of people (it was move-in weekend), looking at Rome photo albums and eating chocolate chip pancakes.

For a brief time, I almost forgot that I am no longer a college student. Almost. Only problem was that slightly interfering reality called "employment" - so my week of reunion-ing was a bit broken up between the two weekends, as I had a LOT of work to do at my parish during the week (oh yeah, in case you haven't been reading my other blog - I have a new job. And a new apartment. And a new life. And Rome seems ever farther away - but I still have the blogs!) Posted by Picasa


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