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Thursday, June 8

Roamin' again...

It's that time again - I'm alone in Bernardi once more. Everybody's gone, the good-byes were said (and not said... I overslept and didn't get up in time to see the folks off at 4:15am - sorry guys!). I finally finished packing (Yikes.) and after buying a bigger suitcase (Double yikes.) and sending home another small suitcase with somebody (Triple yikes.) I think I will somehow get everything home. I don't even think I have room for any vino after all. (Darn. I did get a bottle of limoncello though - sweet!)

I have to run now, off to study for my humongo final on Saturday morning. A few of the other students are still lurking about the Rome area for another day, and so we do have one last "get-together" with Fr. Carola at lunch today... while last semester ended really abruptly it seemed, this one just seems to be trickling away.

I may or may not have Internet access at the apartment I am staying at for the next week, but I may be able to pop over to the Gregorian and use their wireless a few times. So - ci vediamo presto!


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