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Thursday, June 15

Have to admit though - I was a little curious as to the placement of the sculpture in the transcept. You see, it almost seems to be a "stage", with two "box seats" on either side with people gawking like they're at the theater or something!! Whose idea was that anyway? Can anyone explain this one to me?


  • At 9:14 PM, Blogger Perry Lorenzo said…

    Besides being a tribute to the Corona family who paid for the work, the "theatrical" effect of the Bernini Teresa is a wonderful illustration of the mix of Art, Eros, and God in the Baroque Neo-Platonic vision---equally captured in B-16's Encyclical viewing Eros & Agape as a unity, as well as in his Balthasarian meditation on Beauty "Wounded by the Arrow of Beauty" as found in "On the way to Christ Jesus", recently published by Ignatius.


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