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Wednesday, June 14

Guess what? Trinity again.

No, not what you think - I just had my Patristics final and guess who I was asked on? The Cappadocian fathers. What was so special about them? Development of the Trinitarian doctrine of relations.

Where have we heard that one before?


So - that's over, I think I did well, but the Holy Spirit gets all the credit I think. Quite stupidly of me, I actually hadn't prepared to talk on the Cappadocian fathers very well at all; I had taken mental note of the Trinitarian angle but hadn't thought about it too much - it was totally the Holy Spirit who inspired me to answer "relation" to Fr. Ditton when asked pointedly just what it was about their Trinitarian thought that mattered so much. Whew! It isn't so often that a "Come Holy Spirit" is followed so fast with a "Thank You!"

So, now what? I'm sitting in an empty classroom at the Gregorian, playing on the Internet (STILL no word on that coadjutor for MSP... darn. Aquila for Coadjutor!) and waiting to go to lunch with Fr. Carola and a friend from the Irish College. Then... dunno. Maybe go up to the Opus Dei center, they have benediction later in the afternoon. After that... Wow. I'm free in Rome! I don't know what to do with myself!

Tomorrow I have a few errands to run in the morning to pick up various things, then I am going to head over to the St. John Lateran square early in the afternoon to get ready for my final major event with our Holy Father - the Corpus Christi Mass and procession from St. John Lateran to St. Mary Major. I know everyone will want to see photos/hear all about it - but unfortunately for you (and quite fortunately for me!) I likely won't be able to do that until next Tuesday. Bright and early Friday morning I am leaving to go on retreat in Norcia with the Benedictines. No Internet. And I don't want it either!

I'll be back in Rome on Tuesday, and will try to blog a bit before heading out to the airport to Vienna. Vienna for a few days, probably a blog entry or two as there is a nice wireless cafe there, and then back to Rome.

I have a few more minutes before heading downstairs to meet up for lunch, so perhaps I will take the time to post a few more photos now.

Many prayers and blessings to you all, and thank you for all of YOUR prayers over this year. I believe strongly that it is because of all of your prayers for me that I have been so blessed - only in heaven will I see how much help I have been getting from all of you thanks to the power of prayer. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!


  • At 8:45 PM, Anonymous Suzanne said…

    Wow! The Benedictines- such an old and beautiful place, ancient Living Truth! "Prefer nothing to the LOVE of Christ"! Prayers for your retreat Mary. ~Suz

  • At 1:38 AM, Blogger Joannie said…

    I stumbled upon your blog about two months ago through a few others, and having studied in Rome myself, was immediately hooked. I loved reading about everything and seeing all your pictures. I can't wait to return to Rome. Thanks for all the happy times! Sorry if you feel like I was snooping-- I just enjoyed being a spectator to all your adventures!


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