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Monday, June 12

Good news: the Trinity remains mysterious.

One down, one more to go... I managed to survive my terrifying Trinity exam (at least, Fr. didn't tell me "see you again soon" at the end of it, so I presume I passed, pray God!).

Fr. Morerod's exam was every bit as tricky and intimidating as I'd been warned - it's worse actually, because he's so NICE, I really really like him, a wonderful teacher etc. But dang, he's just too smart and holds you to that too. Any exam with him and you had certainly better mean exactly what you said, and say exactly what you mean. I did survive though, but I guess I looked as terrified as I felt because at the end Fr. laughed and kind of slapped me on the shoulder with a "there's nothing to be terrified about" comment - but Fr., I said, I'm terrified, in awe, of the Trinity! "That's good! Keep it that way!"

So that's over. One more final, this Wednesday morning in Patristics. Unfortunatly, I was so fixed in my head on that Trinity final that now that it's over it's really hard for me to "switch" into studying for that one. But, I'll get through it somehow, I have no doubt, by God's grace!

Oh, and my temporary change of location here in Rome is working out well, I'm living in an apartment out by the Tiburtina train station with 5 girls until Friday. It's a great situation and really nice to get to know some more Catholic women here.

I have wireless access if I come to the Gregorian, so I will try to come back over here in a couple of days to post some more stuff up, photos etc.

Hey Bernardi students - if you haven't e-mailed me yet... please do! I want to know how your flights went, and what the first American food item you ate was, etc. :)

One last thing - Aquila for Coadjutor! ;)


  • At 10:25 AM, Blogger JPSonnen said…

    we'll miss you at the angelicum next year! hope you'll visit often! god bless you always!


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