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Sunday, May 21

Straight from Mahoney's RE Congress it's the New Wine liturgical dance corps!... No, wait. These are real ballet dancers. In a real ballet. On a real stage. (More RE Congress pictures on the PhatMass site, if you dare)

BTW, I should probably say something about the ballet itself before I leave for the night - it was AMAZING. There is so much there, I can't seem to find a good summary of it online anywhere, which is unfortunate, but the basic theme is that there is a man who is overcome by sin, making a pact with the devil. Progressively, he gets involved in a relationship with a girl, who subsequently dies and through her and divine assistance the man is able to throw off the chain of the devil. It is very much a story of sin and redemption, though not explicitly Christian. I highly recommend that if you have an opportunity to go see this ballet. The one we saw was done by Goethe, I'm not sure if it makes a difference (I'm, as I said, a complete neophyte to the ballet/opera world). I'd go to it again!


  • At 10:42 AM, Blogger RCEsq said…

    Um, one of many famous versions of the Faust legend comes from Goethe. Christopher Marlowe (contemporary of Shakespeare) also wrote one. The story attracted wild Romantics like Franz Liszt, whose music I notice was used for the ballet. By the way, you can't leave Italy without having seen an Italian opera. This week in Naples they're doing one of the greatest by Verdi: Otello in the fabulous Teatro di San Carlo. I believe Italy sells student tickets. It should be worth the effort to get there! Good luck with your exams.


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