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Monday, May 8

Final presentation to the... (Sec. of State? His representative? Dunno.) Not even sure exactly what was going on here, it sure wasn't a prayer though... that was very disappointing, actually, throughout this entire "service" there was not a single prayer, and 95% of the music was non religious (I think the band played one old rousing hymn before the ceremony)... All those clerics, and a completely secular ceremony for the men charged with protecting the Vicar of Christ. *shaking head*


  • At 10:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    It's a MILITARY organization. This wasn't a service. It was a military swearing-in for the guards of the sovereign of the Vatican City-State. When they want to express their faith they do in a liturgy. Just because it's the Vatican doesn't make it a "religious" ceremony. That comes with the Vatican also being a tiny country.


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