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Monday, May 8

"At-ten-shun!" I assume that the Archbishop (or Msgr.?) is somebody from the Sec. of State office, anyone know for sure? Or whether Cardinal Sodano was ever there? The Pope wasn't that's for sure... not even a peep out the window (well, we saw some curtains rustling at one point... we think.). That also explains why the guards were pretty relaxed around us, not really "guarding" anything, just acting cool for their buddies next to us - pretty much the whole Square was filled with Swiss folks with some connection to the Guard, either as family/friends or former guards themselves. Which was really nice compared to what happens most of the time we come to events in the Square - no pushing to get in, no jabbering during the event, very orderly and polite.


  • At 2:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    It's the chaplain of the guard.


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