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Sunday, May 21

"And also with you, pal"

To borrow a phrase from our good friend Diogenes.

Very interesting... very interesting indeed.
Seems that the ICEL bandwagon is getting a little wobbly lately - perhaps it's stuck in a rut.

No word yet on whether this little communique is, ahem, really real or just another "fact" ala Dan Brown. (I mean, we are talking about Diogenes, master of satire, here! :) But, we shall see. For now I see it as merely a friendly reminder to us all that somewhere, somehow, various people are supposed to be working on a newer, better English translation that is more faithful to the Latin original - one would hope with results within our lifetime. One would hope.

Update: It would appear that Fr. Z. and Clayton also think the letter is legit. I have to wonder, will Bishop Skylstad show it to his fellow bishops prior to their meeting in June? (In L.A. of all places...)

Don't forget - you too can pray with us the prayer for translators!


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