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Benvenuto! You have happened upon the blog of a wandering Catholic American college student studying for a year in Rome, the Eternal City. You will find here my pontifications, ruminations, reflections, images, and ponderings on my life in Rome. Ciao!

Thursday, May 25

After Mass, here is the obligatory student/chaplain shot... not every day you get your picture taken with St. Peter's relics right behind you! Before we left, I have to add, we went up to the grate behind the altar to see if we could reach through to touch the wall of Peter's tomb... couldn't quite reach with our fingers, but by swinging our rosaries at it we could at least "touch" them to it (*whack* - yup, it touched it!) Ok, yes, you are probably thinking that this qualifies us for placement int the crazy Catholic category... What can I say, us crazy Catholics have a really sacramental mentality - if we can touch something that has historical religious meaning, then we can unite ourselves to the Lord in prayer better through our experience, of making contact in some tangible way with a "memory of holiness." Chalk it up to having a real serious acceptance of the holiness of creation, redeemed through Jesus Christ - the Incarnation means that matter truly matters! You can call us crazy, but I call us crazy *for* - for love of the saints - and for our one true desire, to BE saints some day, by the grace of God! God bless, good night!


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