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Thursday, April 20

Well - hey, we're back in line again! This is from Holy Saturday, in the late afternoon... I had almost decided not to try going to any more "papal stuff", after so much stress and fatigue trying to play the Papal Crowd Game the past few days - however, I was lured back to St. Peter's for the "Mother of all Vigils" with the promise of others that this time they would hold a seat for me, so I could come later. Splendid, I thought. But I was still too far towards the front of the line, for there was still the mad-dash-they've-opened-the-gate!-crush that left me a bit breathless (as I was literally carried into the security lines by the weight of the crowd). Yikes. Anyway. So yes, here is a shot of our spot in line about 2 hours before the gates opened.


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