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Thursday, April 27

So, last night was a bit exciting! A large number of the trustees of our university, along with our university president (Fr. Dease) and vice-president, came to spend an evening with us in the house. It was a wonderful time, the weather threatened to rain, but cooperated enough to allow us all to enjoy mingling and eating out in the back courtyard. It was great for all of us to meet and talk with the trustees, as for many reasons it is because of them that we are able to be here in this wonderful house -- quite a few of them were very happy to tell us of their first times here at our campus in Rome, when they were part of the group that did the initial purchase of the property! It was also, we hope, a great chance for them to hear from us how grateful we are for this opportunity and "home away from home" - talking with them really made many of us realize anew how blessed we are to be here.


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