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Wednesday, April 26

On Tuesday we met Fr. Carola for a Mass at the Gregorian University (beautiful of course), and then we went out in search of food for lunch... harder task than we thought, because yesterday was a national holiday ("Liberation Day", the question is, liberation from whom? ;) and most grocery stores and markets were closed. We did find food eventually, by way of both a grocery store and Burger King (I admit it. I wanted a Whopper. Bad.) Then, Fr. Carola had something up his sleeve for a place to picnic at... we ended up going to the gardens above the Spanish Steps, inside the Trinita dei Monti cloiser area (now a school for French kids), Fr. teaches the kids catechism class, so he had an "in" to get us up there. It was a beautiful area to picnic in, unfortunately I only have this one photo of the guys coming back with benches for our picnic table, and not of the garden view itself!


  • At 6:55 PM, Blogger Joe said…

    Is Fr. Carola wearing...a...cassock?

    On a Jesuit?

    TOO cool.



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