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Tuesday, April 18

I made it into the church ahead of the rest of them, thanks to some fancy footwork and my ability to fill all available space in a line... but we still didn't get very good seats to see anything during the Mass. I have to say, it was one of the most beautiful liturgies ever, but sadly, I am afraid that many of us are infected with the American "need to see" - the thinking that when we can't see, we aren't participating, and if we aren't participating, then we're just watching, and if we're just watching, then we can chit-chat through whatever it is... The "background noise" during this Mass was a bit much, sad to say - but at the same time, I was restless myself because I couldn't see, I hate to admit. So I can't throw too many stones here. Anyway, it was gorgeous, from what I could hear ;) and I would someday like to get a video of it to watch.


  • At 8:01 PM, Blogger Moniales said…

    We got a great view watching parts of it on CTV. The best part of that is that there is NO COMMENTARY like on EWTN!
    These are so wonderful to see. Thanks again!


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