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Wednesday, April 19

Blogger is acting up...

Hmmm - Blogger seems to be acting weird right now, and it's not letting me post anything through my photo posting program. So. If this posts, great, and I will try again later to post photos, but if not, you know what happened...

Tomorrow, Susan and I are leaving very early to go on a day trip to Loreto, the site where the Holy House in which the Annunciation (thus the Incarnation itself!) occurred, is now located (brought there from the Holy Land not by angels as legend would have it, but by the Angeli family via cargo ship centuries ago!). We won't get back until pretty late, but I will try to post when we get back around 9pm our time.

Ok - I'm hitting "publish post", let's see what happens!


  • At 3:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    You will have to forgive my ignorance and gullability, but wow i always thought the angels "flew" the holy house there. Only now did i learn the truth about this Angeli family. Could you please explain some more? You do a wonderful service on your blog! God Bless you!!!


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