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Sunday, March 19

In the side chapel that they used as the sacristy/vesting area for the special Mass, they have placed a copy of the famous statue of St. Cecilia (the one sculpted as her body appeared when they opened her tomb in the 16th century, finding her incorrupt body still in position). As Fr. Carola was back there, we peeked in for a bit to see what the statue looks like from behind - an angle not many people get to see!

Side note - as it happens, while I was taking this photo, I perceived out of the corner of my eye that Fr. Carola was talking to an Italian lady... and that I recognized her!! It was, of all people, Bl. Pier Giorgo Frassati's niece, Wanda - I had met her once, but I was shocked to see her here. I had actually been attempting to get in touch with her again, quite Providential! It turns out that she works in a building immediately behind the church of St. Cecilia (!) - she gave me her phone numbers, and hopefully we will be meeting up with her again soon, and perhaps planning another trip up to Turin and Pollone to visit the tomb of Frassati and his family home again.... Pray for us!


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