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Sunday, March 12

At prayer with the sisters during their vigil - they are beautiful singers, and their vigils are amazing to attend if you have an opportunity to go to one.

For the vigils, the order takes the Biblical readings for the feast day, and use them as the foundation for hours of prayer and singing. For example, this Sunday the Gospel and its accompanying readings were on the Transfiguration. So, the prayer vigil included not only the Sunday Mass readings, but also other readings from Old and New Testament that fit in with that theme (ie, readings about Moses and Elijah), interspersed with appropriate psalms chanted, and with songs composed by the community. They also have readings from the Fathers of the Church (I think it was St. Gregory on the Transfiguration today). It is basically very simliar to the Liturgy of the Word at the Easter Vigil Mass, with the series of readings and psalms, combined with a form of Evening Prayer. It is gorgeous!

Usually they pray vigils in their chapel in Rome, with the Blessed Sacrament present - however, our Lord was not kept in this chapel, sadly. We simply prayed before the altar, with an icon of the Transfiguration and the candles (it seems that a custom of the order is to use the menorah, remninding us of our Jewish religious heritage). The chapel itself is located in one of the old rooms of the former home of Francis' family, as mentioned earlier - it was wonderful to pray in that spot!


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