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Monday, February 6

So, how was YOUR day?

Here at Study Central - Rome Division, I've just realized that my day has thus far consisted of:

6:00am - "Rise and shine, give God the glory, glory!"
7:00am - Participation in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass
7:30am - Study!
8:00am - Morning prayer (only two of us, but we tried to chant it anyway. Procrastination opportunity #1 - spend long minutes picking the PERFECT beginning hymn!)
8:30 am - Soaking liturgical laundry... (boy, that last sacristan left me a load to do! ;)
8:45 am - Study!
9:00 am - Procrastination opportunity #2 - Moving day! (I moved down a floor into my new room for the semester - easiest moving job I've ever had!)
10:00 am - Study!
11:00 am - Procrastination opportunity #3 - E-mail!!
11:30 am - Study!
12:00 noon - Procrastination opportunity #4 - Lunch (I had my favorite meatballs again - since there is only Sierra and I in the house until Wednesday, we had a cooking extravaganza in Thanos' apartment kitchen again yesterday! Even chocolate chip cookies - Mmmmmmmmmm!)
1:00 pm - Study!
3:00 pm - Procrastination opportunity #5 - mull over plans for our opening Mass of the semester, for this Sunday (Music, petitions, sacristan work, etc.)
3:30 pm - Study!
4:00 pm - Procrastination opportunity #6 - Find a new piece of modern art in the house that I've never seen before. (Found one! In the entryway just inside the front door that no one ever uses. Bonus - my amateur interpretation: "Haunch of a cat melded into a basketweave shell." Can you picture it? I thought so.)
4:30 pm - Study!
5:00 pm - Procrastination opportunity #7 - This blog entry!! Whoo-hoo!

I think we need to leave the house for dinner. Really.

Ok - back to the books!

Cheers! :)


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