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Friday, February 17

On Wednesday morning, I met up with Zadok by the St. John Lateran bapistry - I mentioned that I hadn't been inside yet, and of course, Zadok was bit surprised (understandably, I mean, come on, I've been here 6 months for crying out loud!). We popped in for a minute to check it out, very beautiful I must say -- and I noticed one thing that I thought was amusing. Way back last September, I went to the (church in Paris with the tomb of Napoleon and boy, does Napoleon's tomb remind me of this bapistry - first, because the tomb itself looked just like the baptismal font here, and also because the tomb is down in the bottom of a pit in the center of a "church in the round", kind of like a baptistry now that I think about it. Make of it what you will, maybe there's nothing to it, but I still think it's weird!


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