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Benvenuto! You have happened upon the blog of a wandering Catholic American college student studying for a year in Rome, the Eternal City. You will find here my pontifications, ruminations, reflections, images, and ponderings on my life in Rome. Ciao!

Thursday, January 26

Yes - here are the photos from Austria! Basically, Kara and I took a cheap flight from Rome to Bratislavia, and then took a bus from Bratislava to Vienna. It wasn't too bad actually, everything went smooth and we got to Vienna on Friday night basically when we had told Fr. Bayer that we would be getting in. Fr. Bayer was wonderful again, God bless him, and we were quite comfortable in the guestroom of the Kolleg St. Josef. On Saturday we wandered around Vienna, one of my favorite cities on earth! Just beautiful, so clean and "casually ordered" (not as strict as the Germans, but we were definitely not in Italy any more!) and almost no tourists! (Granted, it's the middle of January and it is freezing cold out there, but hey!)


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