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Thursday, January 19

Away again - now Vienna

Yeah, I know finals are coming up... it's ok. Really. I'm just going to Vienna for a few days, I'll be back Tuesday. Why am I going? Well, A) because one of the girls here, who is returning to the US soon after one semester here, wanted to go travel before leaving and didn't want to travel alone, and B) I have both a good friend there and, through him, free housing at a religious order's guesthouse in Vienna.

Some of you may remember, if you've been with my on this blog since August, that I really love Vienna after being able to spend so much time there this past summer!

(If you want to see all my photos and commentary from Vienna, by way of WYD, click here)

God bless all of you, you will all be in my prayers, and I do humbly ask for your prayers as well, for both of us who are traveling. Ci vediamo martedi! (See you Tuesday!)


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