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Benvenuto! You have happened upon the blog of a wandering Catholic American college student studying for a year in Rome, the Eternal City. You will find here my pontifications, ruminations, reflections, images, and ponderings on my life in Rome. Ciao!

Friday, January 27

All of us with the Ambassador - and I mean all of us! Here's basically our entire community: all of the students here for the semester (11 of us) of course; with Fr. Carola, our chaplain, Fr. Cozzens, our beloved former CS program chaplain (he has to leave us, since his needs time to finish his doctorate work here before returning to the States this summer) who is continuing to help out during the chaplaincy transition to Fr. Carola; two seminarians (Josh and Aaron) and two deacons (Jeremy and John) from the NAC who assist with the spiritual side of the program; Thanos our residence director; and Dr. Gavrilyuk, our UST faculty professor for the semester.


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