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Sunday, December 25

The second thing we noticed was the the line was already REALLY long (and they wouldn't start letting people in until 10pm) - the "end" was already over on the other side of the piazza, by the fountain. We settled in for a long wait, joined every few minutes by more people (CS students, NAC seminarians, family and Angelicum friends - ended up being about 20+ people in our "group"). Here is the group praying the Rosary in line, you can see that the line had already "doubled back" at that point, snaking it's way backwards around the piazza - I have to say, we were absolutely amazed at the fact that a) there was such an orderly line in the first place and b) that the line HELD and wasn't broken into an insane mob rush when the gates finally opened... but it didn't, everyone pretty much stayed in line. We attribute it to the fact that it seems that most people in line were either Germans, British, or Americans, all "line bound" cultures. Definitely not a home-grown Italian crowd!! :)


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