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Thursday, December 1

Fr. Giertych Named Theologian to the Papal Household!

*UPDATE* - Zenit's got the full update!

Well, we all got a surprise today at the conclusion of our Fundamental Moral Theology class - the rector of the Angelicum came in and announced that as of noon today the appointment of our professor, Fr. Wojciech Giertych, OP, by Pope Benedict XVI to become the theologian of the papal household has been made public.

Our professor will succeed Cardinal Cottier OP in the position, beginning in early January. However, thanks be to God, he says that he will continue at the Angelicum through the end of January, and thus finish teaching our class.

The announcement brought all of us to a roaring applause of approval and congratulations. Fr. Giertych will be a very fine theologian (and papal "proofreader"!) for our Holy Father, though he did tell us, a bit wistfully perhaps, that he had thought of finishing teaching at the Angelicum and then doing ministry in the Ukraine (he is another of the Polish priests, so the interest in the region is Eastern Europe is quite understandable). But of course as Cardinal Ratzinger accepted the loss of his quiet dream of theological reflection and study back in Germany in taking up the ring of Peter with a sure faith in God's Providence, so too will Fr. Giertych accept this additional calling from the Vicar of Christ - for where God leads us, we who love Him must follow!

Please keep Fr. Giertych in your prayers!


  • At 7:21 PM, Blogger Moniales said…

    Please give fr. Giertych the best wishes and promise of prayers from his OP nuns in Summit. He doesn't know us personally but that doesn't matter!
    We were thrilled when we got the news this AM. A loss for the Order in some ways since he is Socius of Intellectual Life.


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