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Friday, November 25

We Give Thee Thanks Almighty God

I hope everyone back home is enjoying a splendid Thanksgiving dinner at this hour (I think it's about 6:30pm back home now) - we had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day here in Rome too! Thanksgiving, for obvious reasons, is not an Italian holiday... so we started the day with our normal classes at the Ang.

At around 1pm we had a beautiful Mass here at the house, with Fr. Carola of course. I guess we finally got working charcoal for the thirible (incenser), because we really had some good smoke going in there!

After Mass we went downstairs for a huge community American-style Thanksgiving dinner, complete with turkey and real honest-to-goodness cranberry sauce, and finished with pumpkin and pecan pies! (I especially give thanks today to my beloved mother for mailing us the pumpkin pie filling and the cranberry sauce... never did I think I would be so happy to see the words "Ocean Spray"!) Ahh... it doesn't replace being home with all of our families today, but it was sure great to have at least some tastes of home.

The pumpkin pies I must make especial note of, since not only did my mom send over the filling special delivery, but the other two girls I'm rooming had an adventure trying to make pie crust here in Rome... between the running around looking for shortening and the fruitless search for real pie tins, and the confusion of trying to use Thanos' apartment kitchen to cook in (we do not have any access to the main kitchen, if we want to cook anything Thanos is kind enough to lend us his apartment)... It was a bit crazy. I have to admit that I was pretty much the "supervisor" of the enterprise, I didn't really do much. But it was fun to watch them all working and concocting lovely homemade crusts... we never did find round pie tins though, and ended up making four "pumpkin pie rectangles"

So the dinner itself was great, and then we closed the evening by curling up around the TV and watching one of the greatest Catholic culture films of all time, the "Sound of Music" (courtesy of the NAC video library! :)

Va bene! I pray that everyone else's Thanksgiving was equally blessed, we do all indeed have so much to be thankful to our Lord for!


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