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Tuesday, November 8


Ok, I am SOOOO excited right now - we got word today that (God willing) the other girls in the Catholic Studies program and myself have been approved to attend the Pope's Mass this Friday - and to receive Holy Communion from the Pope himself!!!!! (The guys, all seminarians, are all going to be altar servers at the Mass as well, so our whole Catholic Studies household will be present!)

Of course Jesus is absolutely the entire point of Mass, not the Pope or any other person; and of course Jesus is the same at every Mass, and it really doesn't matter which priest He acts through to consecrate His Body and Blood; and of course it doesn't really matter who brings our Lord to us for us to receive... I know all these things, but still - we're going to attend Mass with the Holy Father and receive Communion from him!! We would not be a truly Incarnational people if we did not see a special meaning behind receiving Jesus through the hands of His appointed vicar on earth.

Please pray for us, that we may prepare ourselves worthily and faithfully to receive our Lord at this Mass. It will be a special Mass in another way, it will be a Requiem Mass for the souls of all the cardinals and bishops who died in 2005.


  • At 6:37 PM, Blogger midwestmom said…


    Love your blog and your beautiful pictures! I live in the Diocese of Sioux City so it's fun to see what John Sandy is up to.

    Let the folks from S.C. Diocese know that we have a new bishop - Msgr. Walker Nickless of Denver!


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