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Monday, November 7

After visiting St. Prassade's we went up to St. John Lateran to meet as a class with a Msgr. in charge of the religious education system in Italy, which, strange to our American experience, takes place primarily in the public schools. Yup, the Italian state allows there to be actual Catholic religious classes taught in the schools, though it is an optional class (under the age of 14 the parents decide if they want their kids to take it, above 14 the kids themselves decide if they want to). Anyway, where we met him was in the Lateran palace itself, next to the Basilica of St. John Lateran - that in itself was an adventure, it used to be the old papal residence before the popes moved to Avignon France (and then when they came back from France they moved to the Vatican hill, where they've stayed ever since). On our way out we passed a terrace that looked out over St. John Lateran from the rear. So this is a view of the upper facade of St. John Lateran from behind.


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