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Benvenuto! You have happened upon the blog of a wandering Catholic American college student studying for a year in Rome, the Eternal City. You will find here my pontifications, ruminations, reflections, images, and ponderings on my life in Rome. Ciao!

Monday, November 7

After saying goodbye to the Rossi sisters, we all split off to enjoy the day - Sierra and I ended up going back to one of my favorite churches in Rome, the church of St. Alphonsus where the original icon of Our Lady of Perpetual Help is kept. We were in for a treat when we got there, because normally the icon is only viewable from a far distance, as it is above the high altar and the sanctuary is (understandably) kept roped off. But today there was a pilgrimage group of some kind who was able to go up to see and venerate the icon - so Sierra and I just joined them :) So here is a wonderful picture of my absolute favorite icon. If anyone wants any images of the icon, the church has beautiful posters and smaller images for very inexpensive (3 euro for a huge poster) - just let me know.


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