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Monday, September 5

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A better view of the interior than I posted before - remember, this is the chuch that has Eucharistic Adoration going practically all day, and not in any side chapel or basement room, but visible to everyone from way up on top of the high altar in the baldichino, with a massive monstrance. They rope off the entire center of the nave and reserve it for prayer only, and circle the regular tourists around the perimeter and around the back ambulatory - believe me, the tourists don't know what to make of it, and they are much quieter here instinctively than they are in any of the other churches I've been too. You can really feel that this church has a presence (THE Presence I would say!) and is not just a "museum" (I am comparing the church to the Cathedral of Notre Dame here...).

I was able to go to Mass here (quite Providentially I might add - story too long for here though!) on Wednesday before I went to the train station to leave for Nantes, and even daily Mass here is beautiful. They have an order of nuns here (looked Dominican but I'm not entirely sure) that were at the Mass, and provided the music and singing, and the priest chanted the whole Mass. Beautiful!


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