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Saturday, August 27

On my way out of Austria

I found a wireless access point, so I will be posting some photos in a moment. Tonight I leave Austria for Paris, where a friend of Caroline's is going to host me for a few nights, before I go on to Caroline's home in Nantes. Then I will be home for a couple of weeks, thank goodness!

Yesterday was splendid, I went to the Spanish Riding School in the morning to see the horses' daily practice in the baroque riding hall - beautiful! The horses were in fine form, and just as I always dreamed of them! Afterwards I took a tour of the school and stables, my allergies were not too happy about it, but I ignored them... it was worth it to see "my" horses, the reason why I wanted to go to Vienna long ago (of course, now that I have seen Vienna I realize that there is MUCH more here that I love and want to come back some day to see!).

I spent much of the later day wandering around the Vienna city center, as I have continued to do today. I took a break to go "home" for lunch, and it was delicious again (as usual here in Austria... good thing I am not here for very long, I would definitely gain a few pounds!) - the religious order has their own "Katherine" (the cook at the St. Paul Cathedral, for those who don't know her :) and she has been stuffing my face with good things all week. Austria is definitely the place for both meat & potatoes kinds of people, and people with a sweet-tooth!! Their pastries and cakes are to die for, a couple of days ago I found myself next to Demel, a world-famous cake and pastry shop - I couldn't resist, and boy was it worth it!

Anyway, the wireless connection is a bit expensive here, and I still want to get photos up, so I will leave you now... hopefully more to come from my adventures in France, though I find it hard to believe that I could like France as much as I have loved Vienna - the cleaner version of Rome!

I sent a few postcards out today, I am curious to know how long it takes to get to you - if you get one, please e-mail me how long it took. (Sorry that I cannot send more postcards, it is very expensive to send them to America I discovered, so I will rely mostly on this blog!)


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