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Sunday, June 4

Feeding the blog

Yes, I am still alive. Three more finals to go, and I have to move out of the house on Thursday... but I'm alive.

I may have been invisible to you, but I still have been doing stuff around the Eternal City, in between classes and studying. And, being that it's both Sunday, a day of rest, and the birthday of the Church, I'm going to celebrate by feeding the blog!

I doubt that I will be doing much more blogging the rest of the week, it's going to be the craziest week I have had yet here. Tomorrow I have a final that I need to study more for (a lot more.), and then I have to seriously start figuring out just how in the world I am going to get a year's worth of accumulated stuff home... I think I'm going to need to buy a bigger suitcase.

Tuesday Sierra leaves us (*sob*) early in the morning, and so the good-byes will already begin. I need to do serious studying and packing on Tuesday, because Wednesday I hope to make it to the papal audience - due to finals and travel plans it will be my last opportunity. Say a prayer - I'm hoping for a papal handshake before I leave Rome. :)

Thursday morning, at 4:30 am the first wave of my housemates leave for the States (*sob*), then we will have a final Mass in the house (chapel being closed for the summer) and then everyone else will leave. Including me - I still do not have definite plans as to where exactly I will be staying in Rome for the next two weeks. (Please say a prayer for me, that I can find good housing.)

Friday, wherever I am, I need to STUDY. And study. And study more. Because on Saturday I have the most terrifying final I can think of (yeah, the Trinity one).

Then I have a slight breather, my last final is the following Wednesday - then it's Corpus Christi Thursday here in Rome!! I'm excited to be here to participate in the papal Eucharistic procession from St. John Lateran to St. Mary Major.

After that? Not entirely clear yet, I may go for a short retreat up in Norcia. Or hang around Rome. On the 20th, I fly back to Vienna (again!) for a few days over my birthday, I have tickets for a special performance by the Spanish Riding School on my birthday - I am so excited for that too! Then it's back to Rome for my last few days, a real whirlwind "what do I still have to see?" tour, and then I'm flying out to the States, home at last, on June 28th. Hopefully with all my belongings, gifts and blessed items (probably minus half my wardrobe the way it's looking right now).

Whew. If you're tired after reading all that, try being me! :) I'm not sure how I feel about being a nomad again, it was great fun to do last fall before arriving in Rome, but also very exhausting. The ride is definitely not over yet!


  • At 9:25 PM, Anonymous midwestmom said…

    Dear Roaming Roman,

    I'm a little sad that your adventurous year in Rome is coming to an end. Thanks so much for your terrific blog and letting me live vicariously through you.

    I hope one of my daughters will someday have the privilege of spending even a semester in Rome. God bless you for sharing a year of your life with us!


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