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Tuesday, May 23

Da Vinci Review by Father John Wauk

Quite possibly the best review of DVC that I've seen yet, by our favorite Opus Dei priest blogger.


Silas, the “Opus Dei monk” (of which there is no such thing in reality) seems destined for special mention in the annals of absurdity--speaking fluent Latin on his cell phone, whipping himself bloody, and traipsing inconspicuously through the heart of Paris from one assassination to the next in a hooded robe while dripping a trail of blood. Paul Bettany plays him as such a strung-out lunatic that he is probably doing Opus Dei a favor: From now on, it will be enough for a member of Opus Dei to speak in whole sentences and have only one head on his body for everyone to realize that the Opus Dei of cinema and myth is quite different from the reality.

Wait - you mean people in Opus Dei don't speak fluent Latin? Or just that they don't speak it over their cell phones? :)


  • At 3:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Did Barb Nicolosi do Theology on Tap there last night? She said she was, but I can't see anyone commenting on it. Just wondering!

  • At 5:24 PM, Blogger mgibson said…

    No lo so... I don't know. I read that too on her blog, but I never heard any confirmation from anybody and I didn't hear word of it from anyone here in Rome...


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