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Benvenuto! You have happened upon the blog of a wandering Catholic American college student studying for a year in Rome, the Eternal City. You will find here my pontifications, ruminations, reflections, images, and ponderings on my life in Rome. Ciao!

Sunday, April 30

After Mass they once again opened up the door behind the main altar/tomb of St. Catherine, for the veneration of the faithful. I had been back there in the morning, so I stayed in the front area to pray to let others go first (I did go back later, when the crowd thinned). It was beautiful to see the devotion of the people, a constant stream, all of whom stayed long seconds there, only to break away reluctantly as they realized how many more were waiting... the love and prayer was evident, and the best part was that this was an almost purely ROMAN moment. Most of the people in attendance were Italians, and I would assume mostly Romans - St. Catherine is co-patron of Italy and Rome, and it is quite evident the connection that the Romans feel for her in their devotion. I can't describe it, it was so beautiful to see - hardened Rome, softening at the memory of a virgin sanctified by grace. Santa Caterina da Siena, prega per noi!


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