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Sunday, April 2

2 April, 2006 - 1 Year Later

Well, the 1 year anniversary of JP II's death has arrived - it's now almost midnight, and we've just gotten home from keeping vigil over at St. Peter's with Pope Benedict and a few hundred thousand of our closest friends (mostly Poles), in prayer for John Paul with Benedict (and of course, with faith in Christ, praying for Benedict with John Paul!).

I am exhausted. Therefore, by my own authority (hmmm) I am decreeing that tomorrow will be my Lenten weekly blog day... Stay tuned!

Oh yeah - yes, the photo is from today, we were indeed able to go down to JP II's tomb, though we wern't as lucky as those folks were, being able to pray the rosary at his tomb and all (near occasion of sin - envy? :) - and I did pray for you too! Ci vediamo domani!


  • At 1:07 PM, Anonymous Christina said…

    Great picture- thank you so much for posting it so that we can 'virtually' pilgrimage and pray at the tomb of JPII.
    Looking forward to more pictures from you!



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