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Saturday, February 11

Yes, blogging has been light - that's what happens when you start settling into a whole new house. It's really strange, I've never "moved" into a new house without moving before!

Well - I realized that I hadn't posted these few photos yet, they are from Santa Maria in Trastevere (one of the oldest churches in Rome). Last Sunday Sierra and I went to their weekly Sunday evening Byzantine Rite Divine Liturgy (basically the Eastern Catholics' form of the Mass, still counts as Sunday attendance for us Roman Catholics too!).

I love the Eastern Rite liturgies, they have maintained a high sense of the sacredness of worship throughout centuries - many times in the larger cities there will either be an Eastern Rite parish or a Roman Catholic parish that offers weekly/monthly Divine Liturgies in cooperation with an Eastern Rite priest. Here in Rome there are both options, there is a Greek Catholic [Byzantine] parish between Piazza del Popolo and the Spanish Steps, and there is also this weekly Sunday evening liturgy at the Roman Catholic parish of Santa Maria in Trastevere.

I highly recommend checking out the life, music, and liturgy of our eastern brothers and sisters in Christ!


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