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Thursday, December 29

And away I go again... to Poland!!

Well, blogging here is going to be on "break" here for the next week, until January 8th or 9th... because I am suddenly finding myself preparing to go to Poland for a week!! How does this happen? I've asked myself that question... I figure it just has to be Providence! :)

Seriously, it has all come together in just a day... First, the idea came because there is a Polish fellow in my Moral Theology class (yes, that would be the Fr. Giertych class) named Piotr that I have gotten to know over the semester - his mother has an apartment in Warsaw, and he offered me the opportunity to stay with her for a night or two, and then perhaps head out to explore Krakow or something before coming back to Warsaw. So I looked into it, and found not only cheap plane tickets, but also a room at the Shrine of the Divine Mercy just outside of Krakow!! I will be staying at the Shrine for four nights next week (and hopefully going out on day trips to Auschwitz and areas associated with John Paul II's life as well). Then I may stay for a night at the Shrine for Our Lady of Czestochowa before heading back to Warsaw. Then I'll stay with his mom again and explore Warsaw for a day before heading back here to Rome.

Whew! It's going to be quite the trip - and I don't know if my Rome-thinned blood will be up for the freezing cold temps. So now I need to get back to furiously writing a major paper that is due right after break (that I had thought I would have all next week to work on...) and getting things all sorted out and packed for Sunday.

We are still planning on attending the Pope's December 31st Vespers on Saturday night, if I get a chance I may perhaps post up some photos/report on that. But don't expect it - just in case.

Merry 5th Day of Christmas!
St. Thomas Becket, pray for us!


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