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Thursday, September 8

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And here is my friend Caroline - hard at work on her Master's thesis paper (in English!). Pray for her, she defends it in only another week or so!


  • At 10:19 PM, Blogger --miss.christina said…

    Hi. Um. This is Christina from Toronto, Canada. I stumbled across your blog while looking for WYD pictures on google.
    I too am a Roman Catholic..and I was a pilgrim for this year's WJT in Germany.
    By looking at your pictures and reading some of your blogs, I can see that I actually did alot of the stuff you did while in Europe.
    I went to the Nightfever and saw Fr.STan. And actually, from the angle you took the picture, I can tell that you were only a few rows ahead of me..and actually, I think I do remember a bunch of Americans standing a little to the left of where I was standing.
    And I also was at the Cathedral in Koln and went to Marienfield. Of course.
    Afterwards, the group I was with, also travelled around to just about every place you went to too. We went to Paris and went to Sacre Coure, Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower, etc. Then we went to Switzerland for a day.
    After that, we went to Padua and Venice. Then to Assisi..and visited every single church you visited. (My parish is St.Clare' it was beautiful to be there and see her grave) We also travelled up that steep mountain to where St.Francis received the stigmata in the latter years of his life.We then travelled to Rome and visited the Vatican.
    My group did have a chance to go up the dome. It was so hot and hard...but very well worth the view. As well, we went to the Vatican museum and saw the Sistine Chapel. I myself did get the chance to see JP2s grave...very emotional for me.
    That was pretty much my travellings in Europe.
    I would love to be able to contact you...we seem to have alot in common and common beliefs.
    As well, I was just wondering if I could save your pictures onto my computer and post them onto my own blog...since the pictures I took with my disposable cameras came out very dark. Ugh. And I was also very scared to take out my camera and sneak in a few pictures while we were in the churches that did not permit cameras. :P
    So, if you like...i would love it if you could email me...
    thanks so much...
    and God Bless.


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